Trust Information

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Key Governing Documents

These documents describe the Learning Trust rules concerning governance arrangements and funding from the Education Funding Agency.

Finance and Annual Reports
2022-2023 Annual Accounts (Three Rivers Learning Trust) View
2022-2023 Annual Accounts (Tyne Community Learning Trust) View
2021-22 Accounts View
2021-2022 Accounts (former Tyne Community Learning Trust) View
2020-21 Accounts View
School Funding Agreements
Master Funding Agreement View
Board Reports
Terms of Reference and Scheme of Delegation View
Attendance Record - Board of Trustees 2022-2023 View
Register of Interests - Board of Trustees View
Board of Trustees Terms of Office View
Terms of Office - Current Member of Governance View
Terms of Office - Previous Members of Governance View
Executive Pay Report View
Gender Pay Gap Report 2023 View
TCLT Gender Pay Gap Report 2023 View
Articles of Association View
Memorandum of Association View
Complaints Policy View
E-Safety Policy View
Financial Regulations View
Health and Safety Policy View
Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy View
School Admissions Policies

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