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The Climate Crisis

What is Climate Change?

In simple terms, climate change is the change of average weather over the years and the effect it has on the planet. Due to our actions, global temperatures are rising (global warming), and humanity is hugely at risk.

It's real. It's happening.

The Effects of Climate Change

Effects on Humans

The rising temperatures are changing the way people live. It can affect our health and wellbeing as well as our homes. Some of the devastating effects we have seen already, include:

  • Dry land/droughts and water shortages mean no crops for food or water to drink
  • Rising sea levels and soaring temperatures lead to places becoming uninhabitable
  • Frequent extreme weather (heat waves, storms, flooding, etc.) can devastate people's livelihoods and cause further homelessness
  • The poor will suffer most as they are unlikely or unable to adapt to new environments

Effects on the Planet

We can already see the catastrophic effects climate change is causing. Most of us are likely to have heard about some of them, but here are some examples to remind you:

  • Ice is melting fast causing the sea levels to rise
  • Wildfires are becoming more likely and more frequent
  • Habitats change due to weather, meaning some animals may become extinct 
  • The frozen ground is melting in certain places (e.g. Siberia) causing another greenhouse gas (methane) to be released into the atmosphere

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