News 31 Oct 2023

Wylam First School's Overall 'Good' and ‘Outstanding’ Areas Ofsted Rating

As part of the Cheviot Learning Trust’s commitment to excellence and providing the best education for pupils within our schools, we take pride in Ofsted ratings given to each of our schools. 

As of September 2023, Wylam First School has been given a Grade 1 ‘Outstanding’ rating for the categories of behaviour and attitudes, personal development, and early years provision. 

In addition, a Grade 2 ‘Good’ rating was given to Wylam for quality of education and leadership and management categories. 

The Ofsted report recognised both pupil and leader success at Wylam First School. Around our students, Ofsted inspectors stated, “Pupils’ behaviour is exemplary. They show respect for each other and celebrate each other’s individual differences. ”

Within our curriculum and leaders, we are proud of the thoughtfulness that goes into curriculum and learning environments. The Ofsted report reflects that this is not only important but shines at Wylam First School. 

Ofsted states, “Leaders have designed a curriculum that is ambitious and meets the needs of all pupils, including those pupils with special education needs and disabilities (SEND). Leaders have considered the important knowledge and vocabulary they want pupils to learn from Nursery to Year 4. Leaders make the curriculum relevant and engaging for pupils.”

Wylam First School is unique in its planned activity throughout the year dedicated to one project - the Wylam Harvest Festival. The Ofsted inspectors took special note of the Wylam Community Orchard and the school’s allotment, understanding the Wylam First School leadership team’s lesson of showcasing students the responsibility of growing their own produce and selling it at the festival, instilling a nurturing and rewarding cycle of their hard work. 

The Ofsted report also emphasised one of Wylam First School’s priorities - reading and reading fluency. The Ofsted visit found Wylam’s phonics sessions highly effective, noting that books are matched closely to their phonic level, which assists in fluency. 

Last, but certainly not least, we are very proud that the Ofsted inspectors were able to see the devotion to inclusivity and community within Wylam First School. The Ofsted report remarked Wylam First School highly on its SEND path, showcasing that staff are skilled in adapting their teaching to meet the needs of each individual. 

In addition, the Ofsted inspectors were able to notice a sense of community within Wylam First School, something that we work very hard on to ensure a positive experience for everyone in our schools. 

The report stated, “Pupils are safe in school. Adults listen to their concerns attentively and provide effective support when needed. Pupils are respectful to each other and the adults around them. Older pupils look after younger pupils carefully.” Specifically, the report noted seeing students supporting other students at lunchtimes and during school events, as well as throughout the initiative of voting for school councillors and ‘eco-warriors’. 

We are very proud of Wylam First School and plan to continue to be an atmosphere of a harmonious and lively community for all parents, carers, staff, and students in the future. 

If you would like to look at parent views of Wylam First School, or any other Cheviot Learning Trust School, please visit this website here. 

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