News 20 Mar 2024

Prudhoe Castle First School receives Good Ofsted inspection

In February 2024, Prudhoe Castle First School experienced an Ofsted inspection, achieving a ‘good’ rating in a report based on the current framework.

Prudhoe Castle First School is dedicated to creating an environment where growth and achievement are celebrated in every one of our pupils. The latest Ofsted report praises the positive culture and consistent approach to teaching throughout the school, whilst also noting some areas that might need some more attention.

The school leadership team is delighted to see the positive report and to receive some feedback. They are already working on initiatives to address areas where there can be improvement, moving the school in an even more positive direction!

Building Foundations for Success

Prudhoe Castle First School has made significant strides in various areas, particularly in refining its curriculum and educational approach. The Ofsted report emphasises how the school leadership team’s dedication to ensuring the success of all pupils and staff is evident in their proactive efforts to revamp the learning environment and subject curriculum.

Ofsted states that staff are well-trained, and have the necessary subject knowledge to deliver the curriculum well, particularly in maths where pupils feel confident. Gaps in phonics are being combatted by a structured phonics program spearheaded by the new senior leadership team.

Navigating Change

After a period of transition at the school, the school is incredibly confident that the new senior leadership team have both a focused and clear strategy for the upcoming years.

Ofsted could see how the school community has demonstrated resilience and adaptability. In the report, it is noted that the arrival of a new senior leadership team has infused fresh energy into the school, fostering strong relationships and creating a supportive atmosphere for both pupils and teachers.

A Bright Future Ahead

As Prudhoe Castle First School continues on its journey of improvement, the school are optimistic and determined to succeed. The Ofsted inspection saw significant strides in attendance, and accessibility for pupils with special educational needs, and a thriving early years provision. The combination of these initiatives paints a picture of a school committed to holistic development.

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