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The National Governance Association (NGA) undertakes an annual survey of school and trust governors

School governance plays a pivotal role in shaping the quality and direction of education. The National Governance Association (NGA) provides valuable insights into the current state of school governance in 2022 through two key resources:

  1. School Governance in 2022 Overview

The NGA's overview of school governance in 2022 encapsulates the evolving responsibilities, challenges, and trends within the educational landscape. It addresses the shifting paradigms in governance roles, emphasising the critical importance of effective governance in driving positive outcomes for schools.

  1. Governance Volunteers and Board Practice Report (Sept 2022)

This comprehensive report delves deeper into the practices and experiences of governance volunteers. It highlights their contributions, challenges faced, and areas of improvement. The report acts as a guiding light for governance boards, shedding light on best practices to enhance board effectiveness and efficiency.

Key Takeaways

The National Governance Association (NGA) resources provide a comprehensive insight into the landscape of school governance in 2022. They highlight the dynamic nature of governance roles, emphasising their adaptability to the ever-evolving educational needs and policy landscapes. 

These resources notably emphasise the invaluable contributions of governance volunteers, underscoring their pivotal role in steering school policies and decisions. Moreover, the resources delve into the challenges faced by governance boards, offering actionable solutions to enhance board practices. By addressing these challenges, governance boards can foster better educational outcomes, ultimately contributing to the advancement of quality education within educational institutions.


The NGA's resources offer a comprehensive overview of the evolving landscape of school governance in 2022. They underscore the significance of effective governance in driving positive change within educational institutions. By understanding the challenges, recognising volunteer contributions, and implementing best practices, governance boards can play a pivotal role in ensuring quality education and fostering a conducive learning environment.

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