News 24 Jan 2024

Harbottle Church of England School Receives Positive Good Ofsted Report

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In November 2023, Harbottle Church of England School experienced an Ofsted inspection, achieving a rating of ‘good’ in all areas. The report was based on the current framework and is also reflective of any changes that have happened since the last graded inspection. 

A Close-Knit Community with High Expectations

Harbottle Church of England School is dedicated to the important role it plays in serving the village community, and the Ofsted inspection highlights this. The Ofsted report praises the school for its family-like atmosphere and emphasis on opportunities outside of the classroom, and dedication to implementing an eco-code that will contribute to the school’s local environment. 

The inspection emphasised the fact that pupils are proud to be part of the Harbottle family and feel safe and cared for within the school. The pupils were said to adhere to the high expectations the staff set for them and are eager to attain their academic goals. 

The Ofsted inspection also highlighted that pupils with Special Educational Needs and/or Disabilities (SEND) are supported in school. Prompt referrals to other professionals further assist any SEND students. They collaborate effectively with their peers, engaging in the same curriculum whilst achieving success.

A Well-Structured Curriculum and Strong School Values

Ofsted also recognised how Harbottle Church of England School has designed a curriculum that readies children for the next phase of their academic journey. The well-thought-out curriculum has a key focus on reading which is supported by staff from early years until pupils leave the school.

Mathematics, geography and science are also priorities in the school, with staff allowing opportunities for pupils to practise their skills and gain more knowledge about each subject. Pupils can recall their knowledge surrounding certain topics and the curriculum is matched to each year group's expectations so that pupils deepen their understanding and time is not lost. 

Commitment to Continuous Improvement

Harbottle Church of England School is devoted to continuously improving its outcomes, making sure that outstanding education is provided for all students. The favourable inspection results showcase the commitment of the entire school community, establishing a robust groundwork for future development and achievements.

Responding to the report, the headteacher of the school Nikki Bucklet-Feiven stated, "I am delighted with the final inspection report. It is wonderful to see how our fantastic children have been recognised. This was made possible by our amazing team of dedicated staff, of whom I'm very proud. I am very fortunate to have a strong governing body, who are very supportive and work tirelessly to achieve the best for our children. Our close links with families, the community, the church and Cheviot Learning Trust have all contributed to helping us attain this good report." 

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