Climate 16 Jan 2024

Examples of unique climate support - The Knitting Nannas

People taking action to protect the environment are often characterised as young, unwashed, unemployed or unemployable. Nothing could be further from the truth with the Knitting Nannas in Australia. Anyone can be an activist and contribute to change. 

Their tactics are simple: they show up in bright yellow shirts, knitting in hand, and pull up a chair at protest sites that range from politicians' offices, coal seams, rallies, or “anywhere else we please to show a mild-mannered yet stubborn front,” they write. “Our demeanour is mild and concerned, both about the environment, the politicians’ reputation/legacy and the workers’ welfare. Our presence is to be positive, creative and above all, fun.” And they’re getting their knitting done, too – win-win!

Learn more about The Knitting Nannas here. 

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