News 30 Aug 2023

Cheviot Learning Trust embraces its first day of school as a trust

As the first day of school approaches this year, it looks slightly different for the former Three Rivers Learning Trust and Tyne Community Learning Trust schools. From the 1st of September, the two Trusts have become a single organisation known as Cheviot Learning Trust.

Cheviot Learning Trust is a great blend of the two trusts, focusing on their strengths and shared core values of innovation, cooperation, respect, and excellence. The trust embraces the new school year starting with the impactful overarching knowledge that their schools exist to shape the future. 

Cheviot Learning Trust's fundamental objective is to promote education for the greater good of society. Every school within the Trust community possesses distinctive attributes to contribute and distinctive hurdles to overcome. Each school garners increased strength as part of the Trust community, thereby delivering a more exceptional educational experience for the betterment of society compared to operating independently.

Cheviot Learning Trust consists of 18 schools – 2 high schools, 5 middle schools and 11 first schools, working together to deliver excellent education across the Prudhoe, Morpeth and Rothbury areas.

The schools in the new Cheviot Learning Trust are:

High Schools:

  • The King Edward VI High School
  • Prudhoe Community High School

Middle Schools:

  • Chantry Middle School
  • Dr Thomlinson CofE Middle School
  • Highfield Middle School
  • Newminster Middle School
  • Ovingham Middle School

First Schools:

  • Abbeyfields First School
  • Broomley First School
  • Harbottle CofE First School
  • Morpeth All Saints CofE First School
  • Mickley First School
  • Ovingham CofE First School
  • Prudhoe Castle First School
  • Stobhillgate First School
  • Thropton Village First School
  • Whittonstall First School
  • Wylam First School

As each of these schools starts their school year, Cheviot Learning Trust is enthusiastic and confident in supporting pupils to continue to achieve strong success this year. 

With strong central support, Cheviot Learning Trust is invested in assuring that individual schools provide excellent education. This commitment is realised through working cooperatively across various school groups and elucidating the specific expertise, skills, and roles that each individual contributes. By curating a team of adept individuals with elevated expectations, the Trust ensures that the right people are engaged in driving progress. Furthermore, the emphasis on fostering comprehensive knowledge and essential skills among all participants fuels collective advancement as a whole.

The pathway to success is paved through meticulous planning, the establishment of ambitious objectives, and the consistent monitoring of progress. This journey is navigated with the guidance of an array of policies that provide a compass for all efforts towards the common goal of excellence. 

Central to Cheviot Learning Trust's approach is a well-defined school improvement strategy that serves as a blueprint for our actions. At the heart of our philosophy lies the recognition that accountability is not just a facet, but the very essence of our work, underscoring our unwavering dedication to nurturing thriving educational environments.

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