News 14 May 2024

Celebrating Nine ‘Good’ Ofsted Inspections

It’s been a busy academic year for us, with 9 of our 18 trust schools undergoing Ofsted inspections. 

The Ofsted inspections came off the backend of the merging of two trusts to create Cheviot Learning Trust. We were grateful for the opportunity to showcase how our Trust has strengthened as a result of the merger, and our schools are equally as strong. 

The feedback across the board from the reports was very positive, with each of the schools being awarded ‘Good’ overall with some ‘Outstanding’ areas. The schools received praise for numerous aspects including the provision of leadership opportunities to pupils, ambitious curriculums, excellent behaviour standards and student safeguarding. 

We are very proud of the schools that underwent inspections, and we hope to continue receiving positive outcomes whilst supporting each of our schools for the betterment of our pupils. 

Mickley First School

Mickley First School demonstrated a strong commitment to meeting the needs of its pupils, including those with special educational needs and disabilities. Alongside this, the school was praised for its student-led initiatives, such as eco-councils, fostering a palpable sense of ownership and awareness of issues that exist within the wider community. 

Broomley First School 

Broomley First School was praised for an ambitious curriculum that encourages achievement; with a well-structured mathematics provision alongside a range of books to support pupils reading development. Staff were praised for their engagement in various training opportunities to facilitate the delivery of effective support for pupils with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND), alongside a confident and consistent delivery of the wider curriculum. 

Prudhoe Castle First School

After undergoing a period of transition in the form of a new senior leadership team, Prudhoe Castle First School was praised for the recent work undertaken to refine the curriculum and educational approach, as well as a thriving early years provision. The Ofsted report highlighted that the arrival of a new senior leadership team has infused fresh energy into the school, fostering strong relationships and creating a supportive atmosphere for pupils and teachers alike.

Harbottle Church of England School

A school with a family-like atmosphere; Harbottle Chuch of England School was praised for its strong sense of community and an inclusive learning environment. The curriculum is well structured, providing opportunities for students to practice and enhance their skills regularly. High expectations from staff are more than matched by pupil’s eagerness to learn and achieve. 

Prudhoe Community High School

Prudhoe Community High School's reaffirmation as a 'Good' school speaks volumes about its inclusive ethos and robust personal development initiatives as it prepares its pupils for higher education and apprenticeships. Effective safeguarding measures and career guidance programs have been singled out for praise alongside an inclusive community and all-round culture.

Ovingham Church of England First School

Ovingham Church of England First School's nurturing environment and curriculum enrichment efforts were praised in their report. Through careful and effective curriculum planning, the school ensures that pupils achieve well through a sequenced learning pattern, this is something that we value highly as a trust and are constantly working towards with each of our respective schools.

Wylam First School

Wylam First School's outstanding performance in behaviour, personal development, and early years provision, alongside commendable ratings for its quality of education and leadership, underscore its commitment to holistic education and community bonding. Through the creation and implementation of an ambitious and engaging curriculum that meets the needs of all pupils, leaders have created a positive and collaborative learning culture that encourages pupils to achieve highly.

Highfield Middle School

Highfield Middle School was praised for a well-designed curriculum that takes into account pupils' prior knowledge and what they may need to know in the future. Staff are comfortable explaining new ideas to pupils and create regular opportunities to reflect on previous learning, enabling pupils to achieve highly. The school was also praised for its inclusivity, with a range of high-quality support available to all pupils including those with SEND. 

Ovingham Middle School

Ovingham Middle School was praised for its culture of aiming high, focusing on both academic excellence, student wellbeing and personal conduct. School leadership were highlighted for their commitment to delivering high-quality education for all pupils, including those with SEND. A thoughtfully organised curriculum facilitates continuous learning, contributing to an overall sense of happiness and achievement across the school.

Continuous Improvement for All Schools

At the Cheviot Learning Trust, we pride ourselves on the pursuit of excellence, and the results from our latest inspections are a testament to the hard work put in by teachers and leaders across our trust. We are delighted with the achievements of each of our schools and we are looking ahead optimistically. 

We are committed to continuously improving learning outcomes across our schools, providing an outstanding education to our pupils and fostering an inclusive learning environment. 

The recent inspections provide a fantastic opportunity to better understand the performance of each of our schools, enabling us to identify and support improvement in key areas, understand what we are already doing well, and look at ways that we can build upon this.

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