News 09 Feb 2024

Broomley First School Receives Positive Good Ofsted Report

In January 2024, Broomley First School experienced an Ofsted inspection, achieving a ‘good’ rating across all areas in a report based on the current framework. 

Broomley First School is dedicated to encouraging hard work and providing pupils with the foundations to become well-rounded citizens. The latest Ofsted report praises the school for its high expectations for its pupils, alongside the tireless work put in by leaders to constantly look for ways that they can make improvements to the school and curriculum.

An Ambitious Curriculum that Encourages Achievement

Reading is prioritised at Broomley First School, Ofsted enjoyed seeing all pupils provided with books to match their reading ability, increasing both pupil reading enjoyment and confidence. The inspection stated that the mathematics curriculum is well-structured, ensuring that pupils build their knowledge step-by-step. 

Broomley First School is also praised for the wide range of resources available to pupils across all subjects, enabling them to develop their knowledge and understanding across the curriculum. 

The Ofsted report recognised how teachers deliver the curriculum with confidence and consistency. Teachers at Broomley First School are praised for their ability to adjust their teaching to tackle any gaps in pupils’ learning, adjusting the curriculum so that these gaps can be thoroughly addressed.

A Supportive Environment for All

Changes within the school have led to significant improvements in supporting pupils with special educational needs and/or disabilities. Staff have engaged in training opportunities, taking advice and support from specialist agencies to deliver effective support to pupils with SEND.

The Ofsted report also highlighted that pupils are happy in the school and find it easy to make friends. It was recognised that at Broomley, there is a clear commitment to pupil’s wider personal development, with pupils having an age-appropriate understanding of healthy relationships and an awareness of topics such as diversity and equality.

Commitment to Improvement

Broomley First School is devoted to continuously improving its learning outcomes, making sure that outstanding education is provided for all students. The results from the latest inspection highlight the commitment of the school community in its entirety, providing a strong foundation to build upon as we move forward. 

Responding to the report, Katie Jacobs wanted to highlight the collaborative effort that contributes to the success of the school, stating “I'm so proud of the team and their dedication to continually improve the curriculum and wider aspects of Broomley First School. I am very fortunate to have such an amazing staff team, supportive parents and happy children at our school.”

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